Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is Shonali Chicken?

A. Shonali chicken is a cross-bred chicken originated from Fayoumi hens and Rhode Island Red (RIR) cocks. Its phenotypic appearance and taste are very musch similar to that of local chickens.

Shonali birds are reared in local environment with better feeding, housing, care etc.


Q. Why Safara Chicken is safe?

A. Safara chicken drinks fresh and purified water. Safara Chicken are Antibiotic residual impact free.  They have well-developed muscles and proper metabolism during rearing.

Protein Concentrate, Soybean meal and other healthy foods are used to feed Safara chicken which is rich in protein and are also free from any toxicity. 

Q. How long do the deliveries take?

A. Safara promises to deliver within the same day if order is placed before 12 pm. But if order is placed after 12 pm then the order will be delivered within the next day.

Q. How to contact Safara Foods?

A. Safara Foods can always be reached at 09612-723272 or in e-mail at . For emergency, you can also reach us at +8801847277525

Q. What if the item is out of stock?

A. Safara sources their products from their own Shonali Rearing Farm and hold their own inventory. They are sufficient with products, so they rarely run out of stock. Safara ensures minimum cold storage time to preserve the best freshness of product. However, Safara will try their best to source what you need. If it cannot be found, they will SMS/call you and let you know what substitutes are available and if there is any issue with the freshness or quality of the product, Safara will take action and get back to you in the shortest possible time.

Q. Do you deliver in the whole Dhaka?

A. Initially, Safara is delivering in Gulshan, Niketon, Banani, Baridhara, Badda (up to Rampura Bridge), Banasree, Tejgaon, Mohakhali, Bashundhara R/A. For orders of 8 pieces or more, delivery can be made in other areas of Dhaka as well.


Q. Why should someone buy from Safara when they have a store nearby or have other sources to buy from?

A. Safara chicken is processed in a halal way and maintains fully controlled cold chain.

Safara Foods are the only farm in Shonali who is ensuring end to end work of value chain. Safara has their own breeder farm where under direct supervision of experts and with full biosecurity, they produce best quality hatching eggs.

Then those eggs go to Safara’s own hatchery where using European technology the eggs are hatched and the best quality DOC is produced. The DOC is taken care of with extensive brooding with a team of experts in brooding. After brooding the chicken enter the growing. Along with a well-structured value chain, Safara offers a competitive price of their products.

Safara ensures well-developed muscles and proper metabolism to grow the chicken.

Q. How is Safara sourcing products?

A. Safara has their own rearing farm in different locations. These locations are Pubail, Narshingdi, Ramchandrapur and Maona where they have a breeding farm and state of the art hatchery equipped with European technology. They also have brooding and local growing environment to raise fresh Shonali chicken. The product is hygienic and healthy to eat. Safara doesn’t use any hormone in feed.